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How about No Appraisal Cost and Earnest Money Reimbursement?
20% Tax Credit for as long as you live in the home.
We Provide Home Loans & Commercial Property Loans
160+ Lenders
FHA Loans - Jumbo Loans - Renovation and Purchase
Conventional Loans - Doctor Loans - Investor Loans
Farm/Ranch Loans - Foreign Nat. - ITIN - DACA - Bridge Loans
  • Think that the home loan process is too complicated to navigate?
  • Not sure how much of a home loan you qualify for?
  • Don’t know if buying a home is better than renting?
  • Or, just have questions about being approved and getting the keys to your new home.

Here at John Anthony Mortgages – John Anthony will help you navigate the home loan process. EASY! Let’s get started today!

Home Loan Process Made
Clear and Simple

Schedule Your Free Consultation
It is so important for you - the home buyer - to have a strategy session with a seasoned financial professional. A strategy that you can stick to is key. We have done it before and we will coach you into a successful home purchase.
Get Pre-Qualified/Short Application Process
Our seasoned home loan consultant will walk you through the application process. It only takes a few minutes.
Submit Required Documents/Secure Your Pre-Approval
John Anthony will help you upload all required documents to obtain your home loan Pre-Approval.
Close on Your New Home
This step is all about you - the buyer - utilizing your Pre-Approval to select the home you want, and to provide those documents for underwriting. Next, a date and time is scheduled for you to close and receive the keys to your new home.
Stay Connected to
John Anthony Mortgages
John Anthony believes that our clients become a part of our family. As such, if you ever have any questions, we are here to assist in finding the answers. Our goal is for EVERY Applicant to enjoy a 5 Star Experience!

Home Loans have many programs

  • Conventional, FHA, VA, & USDA Loans
  • 500+ Credit Scores for FHA/VA
  • 100% Loans | Down Payment Assistance | Lender Credits

John Anthony Mortgages has access to:

  • 160+ Lenders
  • Jumbo financing – As Little as 10% Down
  • Commercial Mortgages – Small and Large Balance for Owners with Good and Bad Credit
  • Asset depletion programs
  • High net worth individual programs
  • Stated Foreign National Programs
  • Bank Statement Program for Self Employed
  • Limited Documentation for Cash Flow Investment Properties (Lending in LLC name is OK)
  • Private Money Loans for Flipping and Bridge Loan for Commercial Lending

Let's Discuss Your Home Loan Options Today

Refinance Options

  • Do I refinance or not?
  • Do I take cash out or not?
  • Do I lower my monthly payment or not?

According to Forbes magazine and Black Knight, a mortgage technology, data and analytics provider, 18.9 Million borrowers – are refi-eligible, but have not discussed leveraging the equity they have in their homes. No one wants to pay too much for their home, but everyone wants to SAVE. It makes sense to allow John Anthony Mortgages’ team of seasoned financial strategists to help you leverage a better outcome.

Credit Repair

Ready – Set – Increase Your Credit Score
Whether you need to increase your score by 20 points or 100 points WE CAN HELP! We have a proven track record and our credit partner will give you your money back, if his 6 month system does not help you achieve the agreed goal.

Now, let's get you the best score possible!

FICO Score Loans

Did you know your FICO credit score of 680 or higher can open doors to start a business and many other advantages? 

This is your opportunity to open a business, expand your business, consolidate debts, cover college expenses, etc. 

Open the door you want, with this loan Today!

To learn more about this phenomenal
loan Option click below.

John Anthony Pham, Sr. M.Ed.
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS #2078008 - Call 832-974-6068
Ask Me About:

  • Gift of Equity
  • Refinancing Out of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Construction Loans
  • Lowering Your Monthly Expenses
  • Your Unique Challenge

Our Executive Strategist

Helping People Reach Their Goals

John Anthony is an Executive Strategist who listens to help people develop solutions to their most complex challenges.

For 22 years as a certified special education educator, 9 years in financial positions and 31 years of raising 8 wonderful people, John Anthony has demonstrated the Will, Desire and Ability to successfully navigate and help others navigate numerous challenges on this life journey. The Home Loan process can be challenging as well, but through John Anthony’s simple and easy home loan process, home ownership can become a reality.

John Anthony will help you understand the Home Loan process, stay the course and achieve home ownership. 

Share your goal with him Today – Call 832-974-6068 to  schedule your Free Consultation below.


Questions about the Home Loan Process are normal. We have lenders for virtually every situation. John Anthony prides himself on answering or finding the answers to his client’s questions.

Reach out to him today!

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